I started this site over a year ago because I wanted a place to share more about all the junk (mental and physical) that gets in the way of actually creating or making anything. I wrote exactly two blog posts… and then a year passed. I realized it was much more interesting to hear from people that I am witnessing all over the internet and in my life who are honest-to-goodness CREATING every damn day (or just about).

The artists and other creative types who will be featured on this site have a lot to say about their work, what inspires them, and more specifically, how fear shows up for them. They’ll share how they personally overcome the hurdles of fear, and inspire you with solid advice to help you keep creating.

This website is a celebration, a community, and an opportunity to get out of your own way once and for all. I look forward to sharing new stories every week or so. I also look forward to hearing from YOU and learning more about how your creativity is showing up in the world. Get in touch to share what you’re working on anytime.


p.s. I have a lot of fear about launching this site, and I know it’s not perfect! I couldn’t wait another day to keep these awesome stories from you. If you notice anything that seems off-kilter, please let me know.